60 Seconds with Don Richmond

What are you obsessed with lately?
The next 10 years of my life.
What makes Jean Danker tick?
Professional wrestling.
One thing you don’t understand about women?
The ability to always get their way.
One thing people can never comprehend about you?
The fact that I am very serious about what I do but I never take myself seriously confuses the hell out of people.
What makes you happy?
Waking up with a great melody in my head. On harder days, cuddling and spooning.
The best music to make love to?
My partner’s voice in my ear will do. Anything else is unnecessary.
Woes of a producer or a singer-songwriter?
There’re no woes, only excuses that I’d rather not be a part of.
Your last lie?
My answer to your second question.
If you had another go at life, who would you want to be?
My father.