Art or Fart?

Art is subjective, or so that’s what everyone says. Read on to see how an art authority and a clueless jock put their own meanings into the art pieces on exhibit for the Singapore Biennale 2006 at City Hall when they were there.
Verity, Faith and Justice, Jane Alexander
The Connoisseur: This site-specific installation is of a court proceeding gone wrong. The judge is missing, red gloves are scattered all over the place and characters in the room are deformed, with animal heads and human bodies. By creating this dark and intriguing art work, Jane Alexander provokes one to rethink conventional notions of justice and truth.
The Idiot: Feels like I’m in the zoo…
Loudspeaker, Muhanned Cader
The Connoisseur: Fantasy-like drawings of loudspeakers decorated the walls of the Chairman’s office in City Hall. This work by Muhanned Cader urges one to ponder on issues such as the freedom of expression and liberalism. Take a look at the drawing of a loudspeaker with a beard or the one with a serpent’s tail, and reflect on how politicians and preachers propagate ideologies.
The Idiot: These drawings will certainly look good in my bedroom!
Diversity is Value, Hossein Golba
The Connoisseur: By imprinting the words “Diversity is Value” on this gold ingot (which is actually a gold-plated ceramic), Hossein Golba reminds us that qualities such as tolerance and acceptance are valuable. The work, however, also delves into commercialism.
The Idiot: Is that real gold? I wonder how that thing will look around my neck. Bling!
The White House, Joonho Jeon
The Connoisseur: This digital animation is set against the White House in a twenty-dollar bill. Artist Joohn Jeon appears in the video and paints over the windows of the building. The seemingly impenetrable jail-like fortress left at the end of the clip pushes one to think about power structures, the transparency of the political arena and more.
The Idiot: Verrrrrrry deep. It’s like watching MTV on slo-mo.
M8—Summit of Micronations, Singapore, YKON
The Connoisseur: The brainchild of the Finish collective YKON, this installation includes a video where fictional politicians congregate for a round table meeting. They laugh ceaselessly, seeming to point at the sometimes absurd or fruitless aspect of politics.
The Idiot: Hilarious! Even funnier than local politics!