Art Preview: Gillman Barracks Opening Exhibitions

Beautiful Pain
With graphic works still being all the rage, Filipino artist Luis Lorenzana’s detailed oil on canvasses certainly stand out. His depictions of wide-eyed creatures from another universe, with tentacles sticking either out of their hearts or eyes, are a joy to view. Tim Burton would have been so proud.
Now showing at Silverlens.

The Big Picture
The best show at Gillman, master photography works by the likes of Annie Leibovitz (her color photography of musician David Byrne from 1986 is simply iconic, as well as works by Henri-Cartier Bresson, Robert Mapplethorpe and Robert Calidari, are featured here. It’s not very often that we get all these great names under one roof.
Now showing at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

From Picasso to the New Roman School
This is the only gallery where a work by Picasso is being flanked by two watchful security guards. Said artwork, “The Artist and His Model,” is estimated to be worth millions. There are also little-seen masterpieces like Giorgio de Chirico’s immaculate “The Troubadour,” a subtle and beautiful depiction of the human condition, and Lucio Fontana’s controversial “slashed” canvasses.
Now showing at Partners & Mucciaccia.
Marcel Duchamp in South-East Asia
The quirkiest exhibition here, this tribute to the French Surrealist features no less than 50 works by 44 artists from Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Iran and England spanning various mediums.
Now showing at Equator Art Projects.
Yayoi Kusama “Metallic”
While moving beyond her signature polka-dot motifs, Yayoi Kusama’s works are still steeped in psychedelic-infused imageries. Her latest show here features motifs previously drawn from her “Love Forever” and “My Eternal” Series from 2004, featuring abstract colors in bold colors like vivid reds, blues and yellows to produce hallucinatory effects.
Now showing at Ota Fine Arts.