Beastie Boys

They’re one of the most influential hip-hop outfits of all time—and come this Feb, the Beastie Boys will be disrupting the whole scene in Singapore as part of the Good Vibrations Festival 2007. We waxed lyrical (well, almost) with the soft-spoken, but very friendly, Adam Horovitz (a.k.a. the King Ad-rock) about his influences, what to expect when they come to town and who gets the most attention from the ladies.
Till this day, the Beastie Boys are still known as innovators, not just in hip hop, but music in general. After all these years, how do you guys keep things fresh with every new album?
I have no idea! By not worrying about it, maybe.
So, do you guys have a plan when you head into the studio?
Unfortunately, we don’t. It’d be nice if we did though!
It’s become something of an in-joke among fans that you guys have a tendency to release your albums pretty slowly. Are these spaced out releases intentional?
I think that’s a well-known fact actually! Well, I mean, who wants to work, honestly? If you don’t have to, why would you? If you can, take your time—and why not, right? You can’t be mad at that. I mean, I’m just being honest.
So, when can we expect a new album from you guys?
Whew. Well, maybe 10, 15 years from now! Actually, we have one coming out in the next few months.
Many people would rank you guys up there with the likes of Public Enemy and Run DMC as one of the most influential hip hop outfits ever. But what were your biggest influences as an artist?
Wow. That’s a good question. I mean, where do I even begin? There’s just so many. Run DMC would definitely be in that list for so many reasons. Bad Brains, for sure. X-Ray Specs, The Specials, The Clash, Sugar Hill Gang. There’s so many. Miles Davis too.
What are the differences you’ve noticed in your fan base over the years?
There’s not that much difference, I’ve got to say. There are a lot of different types of people now and that’s nice.
On the flipside, how do you think the music industry as a whole has changed over the years?
Not that much either. The only real change has been with the Internet. I mean, business-wise, it’s changed because the record companies have to think of downloading. But that’s about it.
Your live shows are famously known for being mind-blowing events. What do you have planned for Singapore at the Good Vibrations Festival?
It’s hard to say. I can’t really talk too much about it because there’s going to be lots of surprises.
Enquiring minds want to know: Who gets the most attention from the women?
Well, we’re all married, but, yeah… me, obviously.
Would you be alright if we told fellow Beasties Mike D and MCA that you said that?
I would prefer it if you did!