Bossa nova singer-songwriter, Lisa Ono

If Lisa Ono has won you over at her concert last year, watch out for another aural treat coming your way on Oct 25. This diva who weaves magic with her Brazilian sounds, has worked with big names including eminent guitarists Toninho Horta and Oscar Castro-Neves, and hopes to collaborate with Claus Orgerman. We caught up with this veteran singer-songwriter for a quick banter.
How did you first get into music?
My parents run a live music house and I’ve grown up having easy access to music. Thus, it was natural for me to get into music.
So what is it about music that has driven you all these years?
I just love singing songs and playing music. Music is the best way to express myself. Playing music heals me and makes me happy. It is everything.
You’ve been playing guitar since you were young. How important is it?
I’ve played the guitar since I started singing. It is my best friend when I’m creating music or singing songs alone.
Who is your muse when it comes to songwriting?
Nana Caymmi and Miusha.
Which is your favorite album since you debuted in 1989 and why?
I have two. Bossa Carioca is one. I made this album with the Antonio Carlos Jobim family and hence, it left a strong impression on me. Another is my latest release Jambalaya-Bossa Americana. I really love it and listen to it at home quite often.
It’s your second time to Singapore, what can we look forward to in your coming concert this time round?
I will definitely perform standard bossa nova songs and new songs from my latest album, Jambalaya-Bossa Americana. Similar to my concert last year, I’d like to make the audience feel at home.
Do you have any words for your fans?
I really appreciate fans and feel happy that they listen to my music. This is my second time to Singapore and I hope to share the joy of music with fans for years to come.