Cake Theatrical Production, Cheek

A remake of Greek playwright Sophocles’s work Antigone, Cheek is a witty offering directed by Natalie Hennedige, and stars Lim Kay Siu, Neo Swee Lin, Jean Ng and Karen Tan. We talk with Ng, who plays the character Antigone who hates her ruler, and seems determined to uphold (her version of) justice. Here’s what Antigone has to say.
What is your one sinful desire?
I dress, sing and dance like Madonna.
And what do you have against the new ruler?
He won’t allow anyone to bury my dead brother whose rotting body is lying in the middle of the city. Anyone who acts against his order will be killed.
OK, so what will you do if you were alone in a room with him?
I will read Osho’s book, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously to him, then make him listen to Barbra Streisand’s Christmas Album!
Alright, seriously, what’s your strategy to overthrow him?
I will make use of his son who is in love with me. I’ll get turn him to turn against his father and get him to help bury my brother.
Do you think you’re going against divine will by rebelling against the ruler?
Yes I am! But I have to do what I do and die for what I do. That is also divine will.
Die for what you do? But does death resolve problems?
Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. But if you’re already dead, it doesn’t matter anymore.
You sound like a rebel. We gather you think rules are meant to be broken then?
Every rule is meant to be followed by some and broken by others. It depends on who you are, which side you’re on and how Singaporean you are!
Well, is there anyone you get along with at all?
Nobody. I’m Antigone, the cursed tragic heroine who’s larger than life and bigger than Madonna.