Concert Review—Rock & Roots Day 2

Trombone Shorty came on shortly after Heap’s lively showing, and damn did the man deliver. At least half of the crowd that came in completely oblivious to the talent of this horn-tooting performer and his band Orleans Avenue walked away impressed, some even going so far as to exclaim his genius on Facebook (we know because our wall was flooded in the morning).

Just when we thought we’d lucked out at Rock & Roots (considering the abysmal feedback we’d gotten of the first day), John Legend opened with his cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. The opening act was something a lot of his fans had been craving to see live but a technical glitch (Legend’s mic failed to amplify his voice as he sang the first few lines) made everyone lower their plastic cups of beer in desperation. Like a true world class performer though, Legend concentrated all his energies onto the stage for the next hour or so, clad in a jacket that zipped up to his neck, no less. There was no doubting the man was hot (in every sense of the word), especially when a lucky fan got the chance to dance upclose with him during “Slow Dance”. Needless to say, the crowd went wild. Legend also performed hit songs “Save Room” and “PDA: We Just Don’t Care”, and quite possibly, made everybody’s night.