Derrick Barry: Pop Princess Impersonator

Which one of you is better-looking?
Both: We’re both equally fabulous and gorgeous!
Who’s been under the knife more often than chopped vegetables?
Lady Gaga: I’m not afraid to show it off.
Britney Spears: I believe in being natural.
, Derrick Barry: Pop Princess ImpersonatorWhat do you envy about each other?
Both: We’re both equally fabulous and gorgeous! (roll eyes at each other)
If you could take something, anything, from each other—what would it be?
LG: Justin Timberlake. Oh wait, they’ve already broken up.
BS: Gaga’s shoes.
Britney—you’ve been in the industry a really long time and even snagged some of the hottest boys. Any man-hunting advice you’d like to impart to The Lady?
BS: Try less makeup and more face, yes?
Gaga—you’re known as The Artist. Could you teach Britney how to liven up her act?
LG: More makeup and less face, yes?
If we wanted to dress both of you up for Halloween, what kind of props would we need?
Both: Just lots of attitude and body confidence, darlings.
Catch the talented Derrick Barry strut his stuff at the NYE countdown party Poplicious on Dec 31, 10pm at Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Rd., 6337-3292. Free.