Displacementary: An Artvsts Exhibition

The unconventional art works of young talents have caught our eye in art shows Normally and Displacementary: An Artvsts Exhibition recently. Normally is a collaborative effort by chin., Chang Jinchao, John Fan and fashion label Vice & Vanity, while Displacementary is a exhibition put up by local art collective Artvsts.
Unlike the exhibition’s name, the drawings and installations in Normally deals with everything peculiar, warped, bizarre and ironic. Fan, for example, has created several pictures of running noses which act as metaphors for rigid individuals who are unable to handle unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances. Don’t be surprised to know that his art is influenced by his sinusitis. More whimsical, chin.’s installation involves a table with a grass patch, in her attempt to piece disparate objects together to tease the mind. While the deer motifs by Vice & Vanity are absolutely droll.
Seven street artists LilPinkDevil, Maes2ro, OneTwoDelta, Orkibal, Phuek!, TheKillerGerbil and Zero, who formed the core of Artvsts, are the participants in Displacementary. Each with their own signature style, create captivating art pieces infused with street art sense, converting the otherwise plain gallery walls into funky and vibrant canvas. Check this out if you’re seriously into street and graffiti art.
More and more young artists are producing more interesting works that go against conventions these days. If you are up for some brain food and a visual feast, hit the shows Normally and Displacementary. And beware of the odd artwork that you’ll remember for some time.