Filmmaker, Boo Junfeng

My parents always told me I was the good one, the “quai” one. I never really them gave many problems. I was always obedient and very quiet.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my domestic helper, or “auntie” as I call her. She used to read us stories and when I didn’t know how to spell certain words, auntie Lucilla was the one who’d always help me because she was always at home.
I never actually did well in school, especially during my secondary school years. When I found out that Singapore had a film school, I was excited. I had wanted to be in film since I was 15. It was wonderful because it was the first time I actually did well. It didn’t feel like school. I could tell my former JC classmates that I was going to watch a movie in class. To them, it’s out of this world that I was studying films.

I was too busy for a relationship. I was hanging out a lot with my friends. We were always doing our projects. Hanging out always involved working on our own projects or someone else’s. We were always filming or doing production work. All these brought us to the strangest of places, like the forest and Changi Hospital.
I don’t like dealing with cynics, especially people who criticize from the couch and offer nothing constructive. I think cynicism or at least unconstructive cynicism always gets to me. How I deal with that: I just listen to what they have to say and I’ll try to rationalize things with them, but if that doesn’t work I just leave it as it is. There will always be people like that. It’s impossible to get things across when they’re close-minded.
I usually try to go away; I think Singapore is just too distracting. Even if I wanted to relax, it’d be impossible. Someone would call me up and I’d be obliged to do something. I’d rather go away and shut myself out. I used to go to New York as often as I could. I love the energy there. I wrote most of Sandcastle in New York. Every time I encounter a block and feel like I’m drying up, there’s always an exhibition, a new gallery or a musical. I can go to New York to just be inspired.
I love carrying everything around. I have a laptop so I have to carry my mouse, my adaptors, my files; basically everything lah. I usually get really, really tired because I’m always lugging everything. I don’t have an office as a base so I am mobile.

I like how my life is right now. I wouldn’t change anything. At the moment, I’m seriously very happy. Six months ago I was under a lot of pressure to finish the movie. I kept wishing I had more time, more resources and more money; but right now it’s all done and accomplished.
I am looking for someone who can connect with me emotionally and intellectually. It’s important to have that kind of connection. If this person can understand and appreciate what I do, it’s just a bonus.