Giuseppe Camuncoli: 20 Years of Comics

The list of titles that Italian comic illustrator, Giuseppe Camuncoli has worked on reads like a superhero who’s who: Hellblazer, Spider-Man’s Tangled Web, Vertigo Pop: Bangkok, The Intimates, Batman, Captain Atom: Armageddon, Ms. Marvel Special, The Incredible Hulk and The Death of Dracula. With a career spanning over 20 years, the cartographer has worked with industry leaders like DC Comics and Marvel, showcasing his distinctive graphic and storytelling style.
His first American assignment on Swamp Thing was a pivotal moment in his career, the point at which he broke into the American market. “Well, you can imagine how good that felt. It was overwhelming, I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “I was full of joy because it was a childhood dream that I thought was impossible when I was a kid.” Camuncolli’s works were so well-liked that DC Comics made him a regular artist on their projects and he has not stopped working since, collaborating with highly notable writers in the field including Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu on the Marvel hit Dark Wolverine and Vertigo milestone series Hellblazer, written by Peter Milligan. Having worked with some of the best writers, editors and designers in the business, one can only imagine the value of his experiences. “It’s priceless. You have a lot of exposure, and you have the chance of being known in the whole world,” he says. “Also, it’s great to work with so many cool professionals, from writers to colorists to inkers, and some of them were and still are my personal heroes from when I was just a reader. You cannot ask for more, really.”
“An artist has to be lots of things: Passionate above all, then hardworking, curious, punctual with deadlines, respectful of the other professionals working in the industry, and possibly easy going,” he says, when asked for his advice for future artists. “Comics is team work, and the more relaxed a working relationship is, the better your work and mood will be in the end. Be hungry. Be smart. Be focused. Always believe in yourself and never give up when things don’t go well. And be prepared to work really hard. Aside from this, it’s fun!”

Catch Giuseppe Camuncoli in action as he works on a live sketch at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention on Dec 10-12. Suntec Singapore Hall 401-402, Suntec City, 1 Raffles Blvd, 6337-2888.