Guitarist of Hoobastank, Dan Estrin

How would you personally categorize yourselves?
It’s kind of hard to categorize. We play music. Whether it’s rock stuff or funky stuff; I don’t want to call it grunge or post-grunge or whatever. We play music and we write songs.
What did you guys do differently for this record?
We didn’t prepare for this record as much. This time, we knew what we wanted to do, but, normally, as far as production goes, we’re usually really prepared. It wasn’t too different—the songs just came together more in the studio, but some songs were already written.
The new album is heavier than some of your other stuff. Was this a conscious decision to distance yourselves from just being known as “the band that did ‘The Reason’”?
We never set out to be the band that was known for “The Reason.” If people want to know us for that, then there’s nothing we can do about it, but we didn’t say, “We want to make a heavy album.” We just wanted to do what we wanted to do.
What’s the weirdest thing that a fan’s done for you guys?
Fans get us gifts all the time. A fan, just the other day, made me a cereal box—a Hoobastank cereal box! Our fans also know I’m a fan of Mr. T, from The A-Team. Fans have given me Mr. T underwear.
Did they fit?
Yeah! Dude…
We had to ask! Anyway, you guys rocked Siloso Beach the last time—tell us more about that. How is this concert going to top the last one?
We’re on a little break right now, so we haven’t been talking about it. We’re really excited though. I have a video, which I shot with my own digital camera. Everyone there was so kind and so appreciative of us being there. Whether it was the fans, or the people at the hotel, everyone was just really cool. We’re just really psyched.
After your last concert, what’s your impression of Singapore?
The first time that we heard we were going there I was kind of scared. In the US, you hear stupid s***. “You better not bring gum! If you drop s***, you’ll get caned!” But, it was beautiful. I’ve never had any problems.