Hong Kong Singer, Eason Chan

Come Jan 6, and you’ll see energetic and well-liked performer Eason Chan taking to the stage and delivering powerful tunes that span across his approximately 10 year musical career. This man hailing from Hong Kong has coveted numerous awards such as Most Popular Singer and the Grand Media Awards, and his chart-topping hits like “Shall We Talk,” “King of Karaoke Songs,” and “Ambush from Ten Sides” have many howling away in the karaoke rooms.
Earlier this year, Chan put up a series of concerts in Hong Kong entitled Get A Life, and his solo show Live at Shanghai in Nov was well-received. For his coming concert, Eason Chan Live in Singapore 2007, Chan will perform with a live band, with a stronger focus on his music instead of dance moves or stage antics. Music fans will surely be appeased.
The heavyweight has recently released a Cantonese offering What’s Going On…? When talking about it, Chan quips, “The original goal for the album was to have ten Cantonese and 10 Mandarin songs, and was originally called Divided. But What’s Going On…? has 10 Cantonese songs because there was not enough time to release 10 Mandarin and 10 Cantonese by Nov. I should be releasing the Mandarin songs in another album in Apr next year.”
So besides a startling concert in Jan, fans can look forward to another album by Chan next year. No doubt, as this versatile performer, who can play a wide assortment of musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, harmonica and trumpet, has won admirers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China with his talent and rich voice. And his forthcoming projects may just garner him more recognition.