Hossan Leong in the musical, Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors tells how a wicked mutant orchid creates chaos and tries to take over the world. We quiz the geeky Seymour (played by Hossan Leong) who is the hero in the production, and size up his ability to stop this evil orchid.
Tell us a little about yourself. What is your favorite pastime?
I’m an assistant florist. I have no friends but I like reading books about plants and flowers. That’s my hobby.
Plants and flowers? Where’s your favorite hangout then?
The Ginger Garden in the new Botanic Gardens!
Do you have a secret ambition?
My secret ambition is to own a whole chain of florist shops in every major GRC.
We heard you’re in love with a ditzy girl called Audrey. What’s the noblest thing you would do for her?
She’s the only girl I’ll ever love. We’re friends and colleagues. She’s everything that I could ever wish for in a girl. And I would step aside and let her marry someone else if she loved him.
And what would you two be doing on an ideal date?
We’d be having a picnic in Botanic Gardens.
Alright, let’s turn to the mutant orchid. How the hell did it come about?
Errrr… It was my fault… I bought it from an old Chinese man in Mandai. And let’s just say it’s a man-eating plant!
Have you ever thought of setting fire to the evil orchid? Like how the Indonesians are burning the vegetation?
It did cross my mind, but a parang might work better!
Well, the orchid is also our national flower. Anything to say about that?
Our orchid is also a mutant. Enough said.