“I see myself in Asia still, but hopefully a more liberated one” Marcus Mok

I have never been called a pervert. My models know what I do is artistic.
I hardly buy art, fashion and photography magazines because if I did, my bank account would be pretty bare!
When it comes to fine art photography, I would rather be exposed to an environment void of censorship. Singapore still has some way to go in opening up. Also, people need to be educated that collecting photography as art can also be lucrative.
Many of us living in developed countries are very pampered and take too many things in life for granted. Clean water is one of them. If only these people were put somewhere in Africa or India for a day, they would realize how lucky they were and not complain so much!
In 10 years time, I would’ve hopefully won the lottery and retired. If not, I will still be slogging away practicing my craft as a photographer but hopefully doing it for the sake of art and not just for a living.
I want to make films. I see that as a natural progression for me as a photographer. I’m already taking film-making courses. I see myself in Asia still, but hopefully a more liberated one.
Nude photography is something I do to satisfy my artistic soul.
What makes me nervous is not being able to capture what I set out to achieve.
My first time photographing a nude was quite challenging. The session took place on a pretty deserted beach in Hawaii. I had planned this shoot and had brought with me a five meter long organza and wanted to capture the fabric taking flight as he posed in the strong breezes.
Back then, you had to be very careful with nudity. Things are much better now.
I hope it won’t be long before Singapore embraces all kinds of art. The arts scene will really boom as it will set free many hidden talents.
The most stunning model I’ve ever photographed is the aerial artist extraordinaire, The Amazing Ari. He has piercing blue eyes, a strong physique, captivating tattoos, and is very adept at posing, being the performer he is.
The worst insult I’ve ever received is “anyone can shoot what you shoot”.
I salute Robert Mapplethorpe for his bold images. He is a master of documentation photography during his era.
My mother once said to me, “As a photographer, shoot what you like. Don’t allow yourself to be restricted by boundaries.”
Pushing the boundaries could be described as one of the hallmarks of great art, and it’s certainly something I would like to do.
My personal quest for liberty has been a long and arduous one.