Interview: The Adventures of Fluoride Man and the Cavity Creeps

What kind of aircraft are you building?
A giant toothbrush with wings we call The Bristle Buster F2.

Have you tested it?
Yes, we have. We’ve run it through some complicated-sounding processes too like FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Results have been impressive. We’re still working out some kinks so we can optimize our angle of attack for maximum lift, but we’re confident this thing won’t touch down too quickly.

What is the hardest part about working on something like this?
We’ve all got fairly large workloads, so finding time to meet and build is tough for us. Also, Singapore doesn’t have a great home improvement or DIY building market so sourcing for materials turned out to be a bigger challenge than we thought. We’ve been working with commercial contractors and suppliers to procure the materials we need.

What’s so important about flying high that humans just can’t stop obsessing about it?
For better or for worst, mankind has touched nearly every corner of this planet—the deepest seas, the tallest peaks, the thickest groves—but it’s the skies that we look to with most yearning. Flight is like that molar at the back of your mouth, waiting to be brushed.

Who should make an occasion out of the Red Bull Flugtag?
Everyone! Fun, flight and fluoride—what more can you ask for?

The Red Bull Flugtag is happening October 28 at Siloso Beach.