Interview: Andre Barreau for The Bootleg Beatles

How do you get into character?The whole day is spent mentally preparing for the concert. Occasionally, we play a live Beatles DVD in the dressing room (the Washington ’64 concert is a real favorite).How important is humor to the show? It’s a vital tool for us as The Beatles were always very funny and quick-witted, with an English sense of humor.Share a funny incident that happened on tour.Many years back we had a “moptop-ablaze” incident. Our then Paul McCartney (who was fair-haired) was wearing a cheap acrylic wig and the lights were too close. During the first song, a plume of smoke rose from his head as the whole thing started to melt. The wig never recovered!Have you always been interested in The Beatles?Yes, since the age of seven. My grandmother bought me Twist & Shout and I played the thing until it was worn out. I still have it actually.Which songs do you find the most challenging to perform? All their music poses different challenges be it replicating the amazing energy of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” or copying the intricate vocal blend of “This Boy”. Because they changed so much over a short period of time we have to be seven different Beatle bands in one gig!What do you think accounts for the enduring popularity of The Beatles? Their music still sounds as fresh as when it was first released because of their changing look, voices and songwriting…The Bootleg Beatles perform November 8-11 at the Grand Theater (MBS).