Interview: The Angmoh Durian Sisters (881 Musical)

Tell us what we’ll see.
Rayann Condy: Silliness and sass. We are big and brassy and quite ridiculous. I hope people will have as much fun watching as we have playing.
Kluane Saunders: You can expect wacky antics, some eye-catching costumes, great pop-style song and dance numbers, and hopefully a few surprises.
The Sisters come from Romania to be the queens of Getai. How did an Aussie and Kiwi muster up a believable Romanian accent?
RC: A dash of Russian, a spoon of Swedish and a drop of Anzac is the Angmoh Durian Sisters’ special recipe.
KS: We have been learning from recordings of people speaking English with Romanian accents. However, the accent we will be performing in will be a much heightened version of this in order to accentuate our “foreign-ness.”
What has come out of your Hokkien lessons?
I’ve become a Joyce Lim fan from watching her on YouTube again and again.
KS: I certainly know a lot more swear words in Hokkien now!
Did you suffer any culture shock when you first came to Singapore? Any Singaporean-isms you’ve picked up?
RC: Well ah, I travel a lot lah before I come to Singapore lor. So cannot say I shocked. But the weather here, aiyah not good for angmoh skin. This answer can or not?
KS: At first I struggled to make myself understood sometimes. My Singlish is atrocious, but I have picked up a few Singaporean-isms along the way. I often say “can” in the place of “yes” or “okay” now.
Durians: Love or hate?
RC: Not sure. I especially don’t get it as I’m indifferent to them. I neither love ‘em nor hate ‘em.
KS: I personally do not like the taste or smell of the durian fruit BUT they are one of the coolest looking fruits I have ever seen!
Catch the sisters at play from Apr 15-May 1 at the Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377. $40-100 from Sistic.