Interview with Arthur Lin of Action X for Run For Your Lives

How did the idea for the original Run For Your Lives (RFYL) come about?

Way before events such as Colour Run Singapore and Race The Dead debuted here, we did some research and found that RFYL is actually one of the most popular runs in the United States. We were determined to bring this fun and exciting event to Asia, with Singapore as its first stop. I actually flew over to New Jersey last June to participate in one of the RFYL events as both a Survivor and a Zombie. I also managed to speak to the founder of RFYL and snag the exclusive franchise rights for the race. 

What sets Run For Your Lives apart from other running events (besides the zombies, of course?)

In RFYL, there are high levels of interaction between the Zombies and the Survivors. However, in other thematic runs, participants only run in a single direction with hardly any interaction. 

Why was Singapore chosen as the first Asian destination for the event?

Singapore generally has an active population and very receptive to such novelty ideas. Action X is mainly made up of Singaporeans, and we thought that it would be ideal to kickstart our Asia campaign here. 

Why do you think novelty running events are all the rage these days?

Novelty running events offer an alternative avenue for social interaction, and they catch on well on social media platforms. I think that people are constantly looking for out-of-the-box activities that add spice to their usual routines. Running events offer just that; they enable you to keep fit, stay healthy and have a blast all at once.

Can you offer some training/survivor tips that might be useful in outrunning zombies?

Participating in sports that involve a lot of turning and side stepping, such as rugby and basketball, would help a lot. however, teamwork is most important—gather your forces before overcoming a Zombie Zone, as the Zombies will be confused by a large crowd. Your chances of survival will therefore increase. 

How about some training tips as zombies?

Power runs help a lot! Also, keep a lookout for life flags—some sneaky Survivors may hide their flags behind their backs, so be wary. 

What is the best zombie getup you’ve seen to date?

An undead couple with a zombie foetus crawling out of the mother’s womb.

Why do you think there’s an obsession with zombies in the world right now?

I think it’s because there has been a proliferation of zombie-related media recently—take the TV series The Walking Dead, the movie World War Z, and video games such as Left4Dead and Dead Rising, for example. 

Do participants actually become traumatised (burst into tears etc) by the zombies?

No, at least not in the United States. RFYL is a family-friendly event, with kids as young as 8 taking part.  

Does Run For Your Lives have plans to debut in other countries in 2014?

Definitely. We will debut in Taipei on March 29, and in Kao Shiung on May 17. We have plans to make an appearance in Malaysia in July, and may also return to Singapore in October for a Halloween event. We are also currently in talks with various overseas partners in Thailand, Seoul, Australia, Hong Kong and Brunei. 

Run For Your Lives takes place on January 11 at The Padang. Visit for more details.