Interview: Bananarama for Retrolicious 2011

Shoulder pads, poodle perms and neon tights…
I don’t think shoulder pads looked good on anyone, not even models. Poodle perm, we never had one though they were a necessity for most bands, although only Jon Bon Jovi got away with it because he had a cute face.
Would you ever work with the Stock Aiken Waterman (SAW) crew again?
The beginning of our career was very indie-based with songs like “Cruel Summer” and “Robert de Niro’s Waiting”. We approached SAW mid-career and wrote some great pop songs. We then moved on to producers Youth, Murlyn (Swedish) and Ian Masterson for more electro dance material. I don’t know if SAW is still working as a team but we enjoyed working with them.
Any new sounds we can expect from Bananarama?
Personally we would really like to make a country and western album with some folks in Nashville.
Your secrets for pop longevity?
A passion for music, ambition, drive, belief in your own talent. Enjoying the highs and accepting the lows as a natural part of any career. Friendship, sense of humor and writing our own songs.
Biggest non-musical influences?
Don’t know if they were influences but we love people who challenge and open minds. Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, Noam Chomsky, Martin Luther King, Dali, Denis Diderot and Michelangelo.
Bananas or cucumbers?
We don’t like bananas. Cucumbers are good in a Greek salad.
Famous last words.
If you don’t ask you don’t get. F**k it lets do it!
Don’t miss out on Retrolicious on Oct 8 at Fort Canning Park.