Interview: Ben Frost for The Perfect Drug

What is your view on the world today?
Humans and cancer are very similar. They both voraciously consume everything around them until they destroy their host. In this case the world is our host, and we’re doing a good job of destroying that. No wonder we’re trying to get to Mars—they don’t even have a McDonalds there yet.

Is corruption rifer than ever?
Everybody has been corrupted in some way, and we ignore it as best we can. We’re so desensitized by advertising and the media that we don’t realize that our choices and belief systems have already been decided for us. From the type of burger you should eat this month to the methods in which you should recycle your garbage, it’s all been workshopped to increase product sales. We’re not communities any more—we’re “target markets”.  

What is art’s role today in making things better?
I think art forces you to look more deeply at things and ask questions. New, exciting and often profound discoveries continually occur in the pursuit of creative endeavors and this is something to be embraced.

What provokes you the most today?
I’m most provoked by the constant “prodding” of advertisers and corporations for me to pay attention to them and their ridiculous products. I wish everybody would just calm down and stop talking about Justin Bieber.

Is the world getting more and more homogenous, and what can we do about it?
The internet is probably the only way we can find alternatives from the conservative infrastructure that the government and corporations have now set up for us. It’s a scary world that we’re living in, and difficult to get the right platform to express your ideas without getting lost in the noise.

What does it take to be happy?
Simplify your environment and be honest with yourself.

The Perfect Drug is on through March 18.