Interview: Bloc Party

Why was the break important to you?
After five years of constant touring, it’s inevitable that spending that so much time with the same people will create tension. It was important to take some time off to tend to the other matters in our lives. For me it was a nice opportunity to work with other artists, and rediscover my passion for playing the guitar.

Do you prefer recording in a studio or performing live?
Definitely performing live. I never tire of the energy that our fans give us. Recording is often frustrating, hours of sitting around waiting for equipment to be set up. I’m very impatient and usually get my parts done quickly.

The new album has a raw sound, without digital and studio effects. Why did you decide to record it that way?
To create contrast with the last album we made. It appealed to everyone creatively. We always want to try different things.

How long do you see the group staying together?
It depends what day of the week you ask me. Sometimes I can see us doing this forever; other times, I doubt we’ll be doing it for another month.

Other than performing, what are you going to do in Singapore?
Singapore’s actually one of my favorite places. I’ll be enjoying the warm weather and amazing food. Maybe a trip to the Night Safari?

Touring schedules can be rough. What do you do to relax?
I go swimming when I can. Singapore is good for that!  

Bloc Party performs March 18, 8pm at Fort Canning Park.