Interview: Brendon Fernandez

Can you draw any parallels between Victorian society and Singapore society?
In one society, rules govern everything. There are rules about how you should behave in your personal life as well as your public one. Courtship is a dance of comparing bank balances and social standing. Status is derived more from appearance than fact, and people go to ridiculous lengths to portray themselves as successful, or moral, or at least more successful and moral than their neighbors. And everyone takes themselves very, very seriously. And in the other…wait, which one was I talking about?

What is it like working with an all-male cast versus a mixed group?
There are more fart jokes. But interestingly, if you make a Star Wars reference, exactly the same percentage of people will get it in both cases.

You get to eat muffins on stage and talk with your mouth full. Is all the food on stage real?
Yes it’s real! It’s cheaper to feed the actors real food than to keep hiring new actors.

What’s Algernon’s favorite food?
Algernon’s is sous vide beef cheek. It’s expensive, pretentious and delicious. 

If you weren’t Algernon in the play, which role would you choose?
Reverend Chasuble. I haven’t played enough religious characters in my career.

Are you a natural comedian?
Nope! I had to watch YouTube for 10 hours just to prepare for this interview. 

The Importance of Being Earnest is on April 10-May 4 at The Drama Centre.