Interview: Chad Butler (Switchfoot)

Whereabouts are you now?
We’re at home in San Diego, California, in the studio. We’re working on a new album, Vice Verses.
Does Vice Verses contain material from the four albums worth of material you wrote right around Hello Hurricane?
There are a few songs from that period a couple of years ago. The majority of the songs were written in the last few months and we hope to release it this summer.
We heard about how you promoted your last album by hiding copies of “Mess of Me” around the world. How are you going to promote this album?
We’re talking to astronaut friends at NASA to see if we can perform from a space station.
The band has been known to be uncomfortable with being labeled as Christian. Why is that?
Well, I’m honored to be committed in the name of Christ and I’m a believer, but I think when you put your music in a box, it makes your audience feel left out. We make music for everyone, for an audience from all different ethnic and religious backgrounds, from all walks of life. I think that’s the beauty of music, that it’s universal and not belonging to a label or category to keep people apart from each other.
What would you like to do that you haven’t been able to?
There are a lot of things that we’d like to do with music and a lot that should be done hasn’t been yet. You know, we kind of view music as a vehicle to do things, like there are things that you can talk about in a song that you can’t really talk about with your best friend. I think you can talk about new things with music. I think for us Vice Verses is an opportunity for us to have a conversation with our audience and maybe with ourselves.
Will we be getting a sneak peak of what’s in Vice Verses in your gig here?
Yeah, I’m sure we’ll play a couple of new songs. We’ve been in the studio for a few weeks now, locked indoors. We’re really looking forward to coming over to Singapore, get back on stage and have that crowd interaction, get out there to rock shows.
Catch Switchfoot on Apr 28, 7:30pm. Rock Auditorium, #03-063 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Blvd., 6333- 8280. $58-98 from Sistic.