Interview: Cheek, creator of the hit TV series The Kitchen Musical

What turns me on? A perfectly grilled piece of lightly salted saba fish because it is not easy to make. It is an art form.
MSG, which I fondly call “MSN,“ makes me sick because it is so pervasive in Asian cooking, particularly Chinese food.
I see the funny side of everything in life and I try not to take myself too seriously either. This is evident in all my work—from my stuff in MTV to my films and in the TV series that I’ve created.
After watching one particularly tear-jerking Taiwanese movie, my mother with eyes swollen from crying said to me in Cantonese, “Life is bitter enough. Why did I pay to watch something so bitter?” She made a lot of sense.
I never understood why I was constantly told to be more serious when I was young. The ability to laugh at myself is probably one of my better qualities. I hope.
Memories and dreams make me soar.
Shoes bring me back down to earth.
Anything that requires dedication, concentration and skills to reach perfection is sexy to me.
As a kid, I wanted to change the world for the better through revolution. I still do, but now my revolution is creating unique entertainment content that increases the happiness quotient of global viewers.
Happiness is infectious. The positive energy that it creates, relaxes and energizes me and often the byproduct is really creative thoughts.
I live to create more stories, characters, different worlds and ideas that entertain while making viewers pause and think about various issues in life.
The TV pilot that I have just completed for new TV series Almost is a good example of my work. It deals with characters that, unbeknownst to them, are living in an alternate universe.
This oyster smells funny… oh well, you only live once. Here goes. Slurp.