Interview: Dae Ho Kim for Nanta (Cookin’)

Are Nanta performers required to have formal culinary, music or acting training?
We focus on rhythmic and acting training more than culinary training. We must deliver the plot and flow of the show through only body and facial movements.
What are some uniquely Korean aspects of the show?
The traditional Korean rhythms and compositions. I feel very proud that they impress not only Koreans but also other audiences all over the world.
What is the most challenging part of the performance?
It’s the beating on the chopping board with a knife. That requires a lot of physical strength. I try to stay physically fit at all times.
How do audiences usually react to the show?
Some people dance, others applaud and some give gifts. I once got a knife set from a famous brand. I use thee knives a lot at home. 
It’s not your first time in Singapore. What do you like to do when you’re in town?
I plan to eat delicious Singaporean dishes at a fancy restaurant while looking at the cityscape at night.
Dae Ho Kim performs in Nanta (Cookin’) September 25-30 at the Sands Theater.