Interview: David Foster

I like to joke that my tattoo [on his wrist] says “D” for Divorce. So that when I meet a girl, I can put my arm around her, glimpse my tattoo and go like, “OK, gotta go!”

I love great voices. And great voices are attracted to me.

You’re a beast [to Ashanti].

I wouldn’t know what to do if someone like Britney Spears came up to me because, well, I love her music but I don’t understand it.

I plan to come to Asia every year until I can’t walk.

I’m getting married on the 11th of November, 2011—to Ashanti.

If I find someone great, they would never be able to get rid of me.

I know there’s a lot of controversy going on over Charice’s relationship with her father, but anybody who loses their parents, whether or not they get along with them, will be devastated. They’re still your parents.

Some of the most pivotal moments in my career were The Bodyguard, Unforgettable, Celine Dion and Chicago.

I’m a genius.
David Foster will perform tonight alongside Ashanti, Philip Bailey and Michael Bolton at the Hitman: David Foster & Friends concert.