Interview: DJ Miles Perlich of United Groove

If God is a DJ…
the airwaves would be overflowing with the hippest, funkiest, most amazing sounds this world has ever known. There would be a never-ending mix of diverse music from the four quarters of the globe for the mind, body and soul.

What’s the music scene in the 70s like compared to today?
Recording techniques were much more primitive back then and there were few, if any, gimmicks to enhance the performance of an artist. So, in essence, you really had to be quite talented if you wanted to be successful. There were music programs in public schools, so kids were playing instruments at a very young age and had the choice to continue all the way through high school, getting pretty thorough musical training.

What’s your pet peeve of people?
Rude, inconsiderate people are a big turn-off. Folks that don’t see the bigger picture and are just in it for themselves really rub me the wrong way.

Three constants in your entire career so far?
They would have to be the 3 P’s–passion, persistence and perseverance, because that is what it takes to make it in this business. A close fourth would be courage, because I’ve had to stretch myself way beyond my comfort zone and try scary new things in order to succeed.

If your music was a type of person, what would it look like?
My show would be represented as a 30-something hipster, mixed race, multilingual, good-looking, sharp dresser, a few wisdom lines in the forehead from deep thinking and a captivating smile that brings joy to the world!