Interview: Adrian Teng

What are some special considerations when throwing an end-of-year party?
Everyone’s going to be busy, so send invites early to make sure guests don’t have prior commitments. Also, be mindful of your budget. Prices tend to go up at the end of the year.

What’s the secret to putting together a good guest list?
Inviting people who already know each other. It’s a party after all, not a networking session. The idea’s that wherever your guests are in the room, they can chit-chat, mingle and really let their hair down.

How do you build the right atmosphere?
You should have a theme and there has to be continuity throughout the event. The invitations, decorations, music and even door gifts should all match.

How do you avoid having too many no-shows?
Have two guest lists: list A (for those you really want there) and list B (for the rest). If you don’t hear back, you’ll have time to invite list B.

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