Interview: Gary Mullen for One Night of Queen

Talent shows: yes or no?
The old way of being spotted by talent scouts is gone. Competitions like the “Idol” series bring a host of great singers and performers into the public eye. They might not have gotten a break anywhere else.

Your concert draws huge crowds. Does it ever get overwhelming?
I tend to feed off the energy of a crowd. If they are rocking, it gives me a huge adrenaline rush. If they are more reserved, I work harder to get them rocking.

Is it challenging to perform songs by Freddie Mercury?
I don’t feel the difference. Whether I record one of my own songs or sing onstage, I still sound like me even though the audience sees me as Freddie Mercury.

Should we envy your rock and roll lifestyle?
These days, it’s a bit of a myth. Because touring is so grueling, I look after myself on the road and off. I have to be 100 percent [for the show] every night. If I partied like a rock star, I wouldn’t be able to keep my performance up. The most “rock and roll” thing I do after a show is to look for somewhere to eat.

Gary Mullen performs One Night of Queen on June 21-23, 7:30pm; June 24, 5pm at the Marina Bay Sands.