Interview: TRIP for The Gush Chase

How long have you been playing together?
We’ve been playing for about 4-5 months now as TRIP. All of us met years ago but during the time we were playing in different bands and working on solo projects. We finally decided to start a band together because we realized how much we all had in common.

You guys are still very new—played any gigs yet?
Not yet but we’re looking forward to doing so. We’re excited to bring to music fans a fresh sound resulting from all our personalities fused together.
What inspires you?
We like artists who are different and aim to make their listeners feel something, like Queen and Lady Gaga. A lot of people nowadays are inspired by feel-good music. We’d love to achieve that, sure, but we also want to be one of those bands that can make you feel like you’re not alone.
What’s success to you?
Gaining popularity both locally and internationally. Our biggest dream is to play alongside bands on tours such as the Vans Warped Tour and Australia’s Soundwave Festival. We also want to make something that our listeners will hit the play button over and over for.
What’s coming up for you other than your marketing efforts on Gushcloud?
Our debut album, a self-titled EP, is coming out soon but we don’t have an exact release date. We will definitely update our fans through our social media pages. There’ll be six to seven tracks on this EP and we hope music fans everywhere enjoy it.  
When was the last time you went crazy?
We always go crazy when we’re together. We never fail to surprise even ourselves whenever we’re on an outing or practicing.
Any thoughts on the Singapore music scene?
It’s still in its tender stage. There are many talented groups in Singapore that lack exposure. We hope to be a part of the revolution when it comes.
Check out TRIP’s profile on Gushcloud.