Interview: Jersey Boys

What’s most challenging about this show?

Jaco Van Rensburg: Creating a blend of voices that sound alike, yet distinct.

Daniel Buys: Some of The Four Seasons’ harmonies are tricky and mastering the style of their era is a challenge.

What’s the practice and rehearsal schedule like?

JVR: Our training has been compared to that of an athlete. There’s a morning warm-up when you wake and then the actual rehearsals start: dancing, singing and acting. Separate at first (when you learn the new material) and then all at once, marrying the words of the songs to the choreographed steps. Later at home, you learn more lines and work on scenes you’re not comfortable with. The next morning it starts again.

What do you think accounts for the enduring appeal of The Four Seasons?

JVR: Their songs are timeless, feel-good, hummable tunes with meaningful lyrics. The themes are still relevant today because they are universal: love, loss and everything in between.

DB: It’s their beautiful simplicity, wonderful four-part harmony and catchy melodies.

This is your first time in Singapore. How are you finding the city and what do you plan to do while you’re here?

JVR: Other than the typical tourist attractions, I’ve attended a local production of the musical Company, which I absolutely adored.

DB: I love the food here and have already seen some amazing food markets and malls. I’d also like to play golf on Sentosa Island.