Interview: Joe Brooks

How would you describe your music?

Honest. As a singer-songwriter, I’m a big fan of story-telling. My lyrics might be a little cheeky in some respects and some in the new record are a little raunchy but heartfelt.

Who are your musical influences?

That’s an endless list. I used to listen to Bryan Adams and Cat Stevens when I was younger and shadowed them on the guitar while I listened.

Why did you decide to move to the US?

I love the UK but the weather in California and its beache give me so much energy! There are fantastic songwriters and producers in the States and I really wanted to crack the US market. I needed to base myself there since it’s such a big country.

Any embarrassing Spinal Tap moments on stage yet?

I love that movie. Nothing outrageous but I was the opening act to a crowd of thousands and trying to get them to sing along. I turned around and tripped. Everybody burst out laughing but I got a standing ovation when I finished the song.

Do you think you had bigger success in Asia?

Yeah it’s bizarre really. I think there’s a big following for male singer-songwriters especially in the English-speaking countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Azimin Saini

Timbre Music presents Joe Brooks at Timbre @ Gillman on May 22.