Interview: Joe Labero for Incanto

How did you first get into magic?
I got a magic box from my parents on my 12th birthday, and that kick-started my interest in magic. My brother and I spent the entire summer working on magic tricks. I started professional magic when I was 20 years old.

What would you consider your signature trick?
My signature trick is linking finger rings—I take three rings and link them together without using a finger—and the rope routine.

How long does it take you to perfect a trick?
It takes many, many years to perfect a miracle.

Which other performers do you admire?
Siegfried & Roy: the superstars of magic. They perform big illusions with tigers, lions and make elephants appear and disappear.

Who is your main target audience?
My audience is from five to 95 years old as magic is timeless, visual and international.

What’s the craziest gift a fan has given you?
I have received silver rings, jewelry, books, flowers and money. Handwritten letters—of over a 100 pages—containing strange information have also been sent to me many times over the years.

When you’re not performing, how do you relax?
I play golf with friends, go to the movies, and see other performances. Rock stars, entertainers, good food and drinks, and a Labero cigar are very relaxing on my days off.

Joe Labero stars in Incanto on through March 10 at Festive Grand.