Interview: Kenny Loggins

Your music has evolved tremendously, starting with country rock, then moving on to R&B and jazz influences. Why so metamorphic?
It’s change or die. As a musician you have to evolve. My taste in music was changing and I was writing things with all kinds of chords that it didn’t feel like Loggins and Messina, so that’s why I decided to go solo.
How different is writing for movies as opposed to writing your own album?
For myself, I find something within me worth writing about. For movies, the emotion is handed to me by the director, and I have to find a way to artfully underscore it to accompany the given scene.
Is it a challenge appealing to today’s young audience?
Yes. The trick is not to try to. Maybe they’ll like it, maybe they won’t. I don’t try to make records for young people to like. Young people have their music, and we have our own.
Which song gets requested the most when you go on tour?
“Footloose” is popular throughout Asia. Radio plays a part in making people like a particular song. Most people like whichever song that’s got heavy airplay.
What was your most memorable touring experience?
When I played in a club in Germany, there were only 50 people in it with guys asking me to sign records. At the end of the show, there were all girls and the audience had doubled. I haven’t played in a room with that little people in a while.
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