Interview: Kevin Lester

I despise… anyone who wears Crocs with socks.

I will never play… a gig if someone tells me that I need to do it for exposure.

My greatest guilty pleasure… is a glass of Glenfiddich 18 years on the rocks.

Money is… not the only thing but learn to respect it.

I would never… wear a Liverpool jersey.

It’s tough… to turn away pistachios while watching a football game. They become extra addictive then.

If you step on my toes… I’d be furious because you’ve probably dirtied my shoes. I can’t have that.

I’m in love with… “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. The album version especially is such a beautifully written and produced track.

Local music… needs to be given more airtime on radio.

Kevin Lester will be performing at the Clarke Quay Fountain Stage (May 22, 8pm), Paulaner Brauhaus (May 23, 7:40pm) and Fern & Kiwi (May 24, 8pm) for Music Matters Live.