Interview: Kwok Min Yi

What drew you to Coppelia?
Coppelia is a light-hearted and humorous ballet which has a fair bit of acting in it. Quite a few of the characters not only have to focus on the technical side of the steps but also the mime and the acting.

Are you drawn to humorous pieces?
Yes of course. I like watching things that are light-hearted including romantic comedies. I think having a sense of humor goes a long way in life.

What’s the typical day like rehearsing?
At Singapore Dance Theatre, we start our day with a ballet class in the morning which begins at 10am. We have a short break before we start rehearsing ballets, which we will be performing. We have lunch and then continue with the various rehearsals, and end at 5:30pm.

Did you have favorite doll growing up?
Yes, I used to love playing with my Barbie dolls. I would dress them up in different outfits and would make sure they had matching shoes and bags to go with. Sometimes children can have a fascination with lifelike dolls especially if they are the only child in the family. Most children like making up little stories in their heads and creating dialogues for their toys, which I feel is all part of growing up that everyone goes through.

Where do you see your career 10 years from now?
Hopefully, I will still be able to perform on stage because dancers never want to stop dancing.

What do like best about your job?
Ballet is my hobby and passion. As a dancer, I am really lucky because I am able to do what I love every day. It really does not feel like work because I am really happy doing it. Even when the schedule is hectic and I had gone through a tiring day, I feel that it is all worth it and I wake up the next day feeling ready to start again.

Coppélia plays March 14-17 at the Esplanade Theatre.