Interview: Little Boots for Music Matters Live 2013

What are you like when you’re working?
I often find it hard to get going but then once I’m into a song I just won’t stop and hours can go by without me noticing. My problem is I start lots of things and don’t always finish them.

What are some key elements to classic pop songwriting?
I think structure and interesting melodies are very important. Also knowing when not to sing is almost as important as actually singing. It’s trying to do something deceptively simple very, very well.

What inspires your lyrics?
Books, people, travelling, relationships, stories, crazy nights.

What would you call your music if it was a drink?
Disco punch.

Tell us about some of the songs on Nocturnes.
The opening track “Motorway” is about escapism and adventure, and the attraction to these, but also the possibility of a darker undercurrent. It was inspired by me driving late at night to and from gigs when I was a teenager in the north of England. The final track “Satellites” is about feeling out of control and needing something or someone to bring you back down to earth, something that’s easy to feel when you’re touring and traveling a lot.

What are your thoughts on the hipster culture?
Hipsters are usually just geeks who’ve figured out how to make thick rimmed glasses look cool (although my little brother calls me a hipster!)

What do you like to do when you get a break from work?
I like to read and hang out with my friends, it’s nice to stay in for a change and just watch a film and cook some food. But usually I spend most of my free time doing something music related.

What do you remember most vividly from your last trip to Singapore?
My boyfriend needed a hair cut and we ended up in this tiny barber shop in the Indian area. The staff didn’t speak great English so it was difficult to explain what he wanted and let’s just say he didn’t end up with the best of haircuts for the rest of the trip!

Little Boots will be performing at Music Matters Live on May 23.