Interview: Little Fox for UpToTheSky Festival

How would you describe your music in three words?
A natural high.
You look like a tribal sorcerer. Which dead musician’s spirit would you like to collaborate with?
Probably George Harrison because he seems so versatile. He could help me with my songs.
What are your jukebox picks if you are packing sardines in a dingy factory?
It’s a really boring job so I need some uplifting tunes. “Look at What the Light Did Now” by Feist & Little Wings, “Disorder” by Joy Division and “Qu’est-ce Qui Ne Tourne Pas Rond Chez Moi” by Antoine.
You seem like someone who’s into magical realist fables. What’s your all-time favorite story?
Antoine de St. Exupery’s The Little Prince. Simply because grown-ups don’t see the elephant inside a snake.
You were trained as a filmmaker. If you were going to make a biopic about a Thai band, who would you feature?
I actually have two bands in mind. Selina and Sirinya because they make really beautiful sad music while Yellow Fang can really rock the socks off everyone.
What can we expect at UptotheSky?
Expect to be surprised because I just formed a new band for this event. We’re still rehearsing, but it will be interesting to watch us live.
See Little Fox at the inaugural UpTotheSky Festival on December 3 at Old School.