“I think we shouldn’t mask the natural flavor of good produce”: Mauro Colageco for World Gourmet Summit

What can we expect from your Forlino Wine Dinner?
The theme for the wine dinner is “Italian Touches”. The menu will  be based on French and Italian culinary techniques, as my restaurant is located on the border of France and Italy.

What’s your cooking style like?
For me, cooking with fresh local products is something I love doing. I own a garden and it houses a variety of different vegetables, which I utilize when preparing dishes at Mirazur.

What are your beliefs in the kitchen?
I think we shouldn’t mask the natural flavor of good produce with heaps of different sauces and creams.

Any plans to set up shop in Singapore?
I appreciate Singapore a lot—I think it’s a beautiful place, full of energy, culture and a buzzing lifestyle. I’d be glad to perhaps open up a restaurant here. I don’t have any plans at the moment, but I’m very open to propositions.

Join chef Mauro Colagreco for dinner at Forlino on Tue, Apr 1 at 7pm as he prepares a seven course dinner (priced at $288) together with hosting chef Kentaro Torii.