Interview: Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit

What kind of music background do you have?
I’ve had different phases. I was into ska and reggae at age 13, indie rock in high school and found electronic music when I was in college. I just worked on my laptop and was experimental.
Walk us through the process of recording a new album.
For the latest album, Gossamer, I took 13 months in the studios working with 30 odd synthesizers, and next thing you know, we had 200 tracks. It gets unruly.
How do you feel about music videos?
Generally, it’s just overpriced commercialism. We work with directors already well-known for films. So the videos are intriguing, powerful and unlike the usual glorified commercials.
Do you like performing live?
I’m older now and don’t like the test of touring. That said, Passion Pit tours are communal and participatory, and I like getting a response from the crowd.
Tell us something funny that happened on tour.
We had a humongous United States tour lined up after a visit to the United Kingdom and got a great package transporting our equipment. It turned out to be by ship and not plane. It took three weeks! We almost had to cancel our concerts. But it was funny, just the thought of it moving at a glacial pace across Atlantic.
How do you deal with pressure and the stresses of being on tour?
Sleep. And by spending as much time as possible alone. Touring, you are always with a crowd of people. So I take time, let’s say 3-5pm, where I’m not to talk to anyone. I also meditate and take walks.
Passion Pit is on August 21, 7:30pm at the Esplanade Concert Hall.