Interview: Movember’s Greg Rafferty

A sexy man is… a man that takes care of himself.I grow a Mo (slang for moustache) because… I want to make a difference.Most women like men with a mo that is… neat and classic.The manliest thing I’ve done is… growing a mo and not trying to be someone else.I’m terrible with… directions so I’m often lost.I hate… arrogant people.The biggest challenge in raising funds for charity is… getting people to make the commitment to donate or participate.I often go to bed thinking… about what I have to do tomorrow.I live my life… by simple values, like being self-responsible.If I had a million dollars… I’ll help those in need and eat lots of ice cream.Movember happens through November and ends with a Gala Party (November 31, 5pm, at Tanjong Beach Club). For more information and updates, visit their website.