Interview: The Proclaimers for the 2012 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

How has life changed since you first started your career in the 1980s?When my brother Craig and I started it was almost all record sales; now it’s more live work, festivals and tours. I actually prefer it now.How do you feel about performing at the F1 pow-wow this year? Do you have a special interest in car races?I loved cars when I was a kid but I’m more of a football and athletics guy now. Still, I’m really excited about being part of the build-up to the race.Do you have any pre-show rituals?We warm up our voices by singing for 10 minutes.What do you personally listen to in your spare time?All kinds of music: opera, blues, folk, country and pop.What do you do when you get tired on tour?Rest, exercise—it really helps us to stay fit as we get older—and a glass of wine.Other than performing, what else do you plan to see and do in Singapore?Just strolling around, the best way to experience any place!The Proclaimers perform September 21, 8:30pm; September 22, 8pm; September 23, 5:45pm at the F1 Pit Building. Download our Night Race Guide 2012 for more on the 2012 F1 Singapore Grand Prix!