Interview: Robyn

Why did you decide to record a three-part album?
I had a lot of songs written and I wanted to get out on the road quicker than usual because I love to tour. I wanted to see if I could so both of the things I love at the same time. So I recorded the album in parts and toured in between. It worked, but I don´t think I´ll ever release three albums in one year again—I´m just starting to recover.
What is the running theme through the three releases?
The Body Talk albums are inspired by the contrasts and connections between technology and nature. They are also about how what we feel with our bodies and what we think are so intensely connected.
Do you prefer performing live to recording a studio?
I love both. They are two very different things. I´m lucky, I don´t have to choose, I can do both. Both let me be creative. Sometimes performing creates ideas for new music and sometimes making music is like performing.
Touring can be gruelling. How do you deal with fatigue?
I eat greens and fruit and work out. And I try to get better at not worrying.
Robyn is on September 26, 8:30pm at the Esplanade Concert Hall.