Interview: Selena Tan for Crazy Christmas 2012

Directing or performing, which do you prefer? 
I love them both! Is that a cop-out? Performing is how it all began but directing allows me to create and I just thoroughly enjoy that, especially when it comes to directing something that is close to my heart.

What’s different about this year’s Crazy Christmas show?
We have newbies—Adrian Pang and Judee Tan!  They’re like only the two funniest people on the planet! Every year, we just keep dreaming it up bigger and bigger. Bigger band, bigger sets, bigger laughs and we now even have eight beautiful ladies dancing up a storm with us. We call them the Merry Miss’el Toes or the Merry Miss a Toe. It trips me up!

What’s the most challenging thing about putting together the show?
It’s trying to get the flow right. Well, that and to get the right spirit without alienating anyone.

Is Christmas your favorite time of year?
Yes it is! Growing up, I loved going to midnight mass and then running back to my aunt’s place (she always had the best tree) and opening presents. Nowadays, the roles are reversed and I’m the auntie who gets to give the presents. Christmas is the best time to remember to slow down and share the love.

What’s the wackiest present you’ve ever received? 
Last year, Robin Goh came up with a brilliant idea to play Secret Santa amongst the cast and one of my presents was KFC. Yum!

Crazy Christmas 2012 is on November 28December 9 at the Esplanade Theatre.