Interview: Singer-songwriter and Youtube star David Choi

You’re known for your celeb covers and collaborations. Which were the most memorable?
The first one I did was probably the multiple string of Black Eye Pea’s “I Got A Feeling.” I also did “Forget You” by Cee Lo. That was fun because it was a collaboration with a hip hop artist I respect, Kero One. The stuff I’ve done with Wong Fu Productions is also very cool. The videos turned out really well because they’re just really great actors and producers. I also enjoy writing songs with Kina Grannis. We have different styles, yet we get along really well. We write a lot of happy songs, one of which is “The Way You Are.”
What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make it big on YouTube?
You’ve got to have something; some sort of content. You’ve got to be a musician, comedian, filmmaker or a teacher of something. Be valuable to the people who watch; whether it’s for entertainment or information. Another thing that’s important is to be consistent. Keep putting up your content as much and as soon as you can.
Who are your favorite YouTube artists?
I really admire my friends at Wong Fu Productions, not only because they’re my friends. They’re really good at what they do and they just keep getting better. I also like Freddie Wong’s stuff. He does lots of videos involving guns and CG and sometimes I don’t even know what he’s doing but it looks really cool.
What’s been happening since you last performed here at TAB?
A lot of stuff, man. I think I did another tour since then in the US. I was also a part of a couple of different tours and went on this digitour, which was sort of the first nationwide tour involving all the YouTube artistes. That was pretty fun. We got on a real tour bus and all. I’ve been writing for my third album, which I hope to complete in October.
We’re going to be there at your concert—what should we look forward to?
I’m going to play some new songs—songs that will be on my next album. I really look forward to seeing some new fans!
Find out if you could be “That Girl” at David Choi’s Asia-Pacific Tour concert on Jun 21-22, 7:30pm. Esplanade Recital Studio, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377. $49-69 from Sistic.