Interview: Su Pollard for Annie

How did you get your start?
At 16, I began singing in charity shows and at working men’s pubs. I was the first woman to sing “Ave Maria” in hot pants at a men’s club.
What drew you to this role?
I’ve always loved the story and songs of Annie. Plus, I enjoy every moment of Miss Hannigan as a character. She’s misunderstood. She has taken to the drink because she’s lonely and has only orphans for company.
The show debuted in 1977. What accounts for its longevity?
It reflects life today, even with the global financial meltdown and the Wall Street crash. We all live in hope, just like Annie.
How do you feel about performing here?
I’m very excited. I have visited Singapore en route to Australia but working here will be a wonderful new adventure. As we’re playing in one location, it won’t be as arduous as working in some countries where we have had to change venues weekly.
How do you keep your energy levels high?
I follow a strict regime that consists of having lots of liquids to keep up my strength.
What’s next for you?
I’m doing voiceovers back in the UK, rehearsing my one-woman show, and then performing in a pantomime where I fly as a bad fairy.
Su Pollard stars in Annie July 10-August 5 at the Sands Theater.