Interview: Thukral & Tagra

What moves you most as an artist?
The idea of manifestation: Art has an immense power to cultivate a thought. That’s probably the best aspect which drives us, to be able to create something which we haven’t experienced yet.

Should there be a demarcation between high and low art? Or as the Fluxus movement said, is everyone an artist and art is for everyone?
As far as art makes sense, it’s all good. The power of creating something comes with great responsibility. With the changing notions of society, the demarcation has blurred by now, and we don’t feel the need of marginalise a practice and categorize it further.

What is your favourite medium of expression?
We are obsessed with the idea of traditional way of painting but also with playing with the senses, and interactive devices. The idea of blurring together and mixing old and new excites us, and probably it comes very naturally to us.

What projects that you’d like to work on which you haven’t had a chance to yet?
We would love to create a film. It would be an extension of our current body of work, and we have been writing and researching for a couple of months.

Tell us more about a regular day that you go through.
Daily rituals bring anxiety! Concerning our to-do list, we can’t wait to get to the studio to create and continue our knitting.

What is the role of art today?
It has always been about reciprocating ideas.


Windows of Opportunity exhibition runs through May 25 at Art Plural Gallery.