Interview: Tiffany for Retrolicious

How do you feel about your status as an eighties icon?
I’m honored to be part of the 80s, along with artistes like Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Culture Club and Duran Duran. I’m still in awe when I see or read my name alongside these amazing artistes, whom I love as a fan myself. It’s a really great feeling.
How has the industry changed in the last few decades?
Artistes have more independent ways of getting their music out there. I really support that change and am always interested to find different avenues to get music discovered and keep that a personal touch with fans.
How has your own music changed since you first started?
I think now I’m so comfortable on stage and I can really just be in the moment. When I was younger, I worried about singing perfectly so critics would know I was a true vocalist. That stressed me out and kept me from just enjoying myself on stage.
Does touring ever get old?
Yes, it’s the “living out of a suitcase” aspect that frustrates me. But otherwise, I enjoy going places, seeing fans and doing shows. I’m very thankful that I love what I do and that people love the music.
What’s next for you?
My next record will include big ballads and standards that really show off my voice. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for many years and I’m scheduled to start recording during the winter holidays.
Tiffany performs at Retrolicious on October 6, 8pm at Fort Canning Park.