The Artistic Director of Pangdemonium Productions talks to Kurt Ganapathy about life, love and theater.

I was a very happy child, smiley and confident—well at least until my mid teens!

Our drama teacher was a bit of a ‘70s hippie but he was my favorite! I reckon my interest in theater stems from that.

I just loved being back stage, the smell, the adrenaline, it was such a buzz.

I stopped wanting to be onstage by my late teens. I couldn’t sing and I found that very inhibiting.

Now that I’m directing, I enjoy the creative process I go through, being involved from conception to last night is so fulfilling and I’m so proud and nervous on opening night—it’s almost like giving birth!

It’s important for local artists to have a voice and to have the opportunity to work on some of the fabulous plays available worldwide.

It’s only become acceptable in the last decade to actually make a career in theater here.

Funding is always an issue. Theatre is expensive to put on and our ticket sales only cover the costs of producing the play. We’re totally reliant on sponsorship as we have no funding. That means that much of our daily hours are spent courting sponsors.

There is no such thing as a “sure thing”!

We have to constantly strive to be better.

My husband Adrian and I are very different beings, he’s a “micro” manager and I’m a “macro” manager, so although some days we frustrate each other we actually complement each other well.

When I first met Adrian he was wearing black leather trousers. These things you don’t forget!

Singapore is home to me now, my kids know no other place to call home and we’re safe, happy and very lucky to lead the life that we do. Who could want for more?

I just want to get better at what I do. I believe we never stop learning.

Love what you do, you only have one life.